Invertebrates Animal Nutrition

As an experiment, scientists at Oxford University in experimental mares were kept half-starved for three days, and the next three days were fed, as expected. The mare during the experiment were given the same food. Difference was only that one filly in the first three days were given food with the aroma of mint, and another guinea filly gave food to the scent of lemongrass. After the first three days of food between groups of subjects fillies changed places. Diet – a special regime in power, which implies a rejection of a certain group of products. Product selection is according to different criteria: the caloric content, color, protein content, etc. Nowadays, if someone decided to lose weight, it is enough to open any women’s magazine or Internet site and select an appropriate diet. Incredibly, the insects also have their recipes diet.

For example, scientists from Oxford University found out that invertebrates (grasshoppers, locusts) when selecting their individual diets are guided by associative thinking. This indicates that invertebrates other than palatability of food and also take into account some memories that are associated with the taking of the meal. His memories of these animals nutrition degree, like people, draw from past experience. This suggests that invertebrates have a no, and intelligence. The scientists also discovered that these animals, as people are able to draw conclusions from a variety of situations and to evaluate the “good” or “bad” was the object of their choice. And precisely because such conclusions make the choice whether to approach the familiar food or not.

What has the most vivid memories of invertebrate animals are those that have been associated with hard and hungry for days. Most interestingly, at a meeting with some of the objects, these animal nutrition program are able to recall previous experiences with this object. After playing back the events of the past, invertebrates make their choice in favor of or against an object. Thus, for example, stray remember the man who will give him a crust of bread crust, and this will be the most delicious in the world. Next time, when the animal finds a crust on the street, it is good to remember that the person who gave it. After that, one group of guinea continued to be fed, as to the slaughter, and a second group of fillies again put on a diet. After this experiment, scientists have learned that more than anything, and fed the hungry and the food memorable filly, which they were fed on a diet. That is, 70% chose going to the principle that they ate it during the hungry days and only 30% chose a meal just because of hunger.

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