Cavitation for Women

The study REMOTE (The Research on Electronic Monitoring of OAB Treatment Experience) is carried out in the U.S. model of Participatory Patient-Centered (PPC) and is aimed at assessing the efficacy and safety of the drug Detrol LA (tolterodine tartrate), for the treatment of overactive bladder. Project REMOTE – this is the first randomized “virtual” clinical study protocol IND, which suggests that the patient’s consent to participate in the study will be obtained via the Internet, for which the patient is first asked to watch the video about the trials, and then fill out an online questionnaire.

The volume of the extracted fat from the body in one session of cavitation is approximately equal to 15 cubic centimeters. It should be noted that fat tissue has a low density, but has a large amount, so the patient feels the first decrease in volume. After completion of the procedures recommended maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and water treatments. After years of stagnation in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine and bachelors in health information management has finally appeared safe and effective means of solving the problems of excess weight and cellulite. In this study, Pfizer and its partners, the researchers hope to determine whether the results match the results of a previous REMOTE conventional clinical studies in Phase IV of the same drug, and generally to assess the possibility of a virtual interaction with patients in clinical research programs.

The drug or placebo will be delivered to program participants at the house, instead of the usual procedure, the patient received during their visit to the doctor-researcher. For the duration of the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation should not exceed 60 minutes. Sessions are allowed to spend no more than once in ten days. The full course consists of 3-4 sessions. If you need a specialist beautician can in six months to appoint a second supporting course consisting of one to three treatments.

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