Start breastfeeding

How to start breastfeeding

How to start breastfeeding properly?While holding your newborn in the delivery room, you should put his lips to your breast. Although your mature milk hasn't come in yet, your breasts are producing a substance called colostrum. It will help to protect your baby from many infection.


First of all try not to panic if your newborn seems to have trouble finding or staying on your nipple. Breastfeedings requires patience and lots of practice. No one will expect you to be an expert in the beginning, so don't hesitate to ask a nurse to show you what to do while you're in the hospital. Remember - every mother has the potential to succeed in such an art as breastfeeding
If you have a premature baby, you may not be able to nurse right away. So you should start pumping your milk. Your baby will receive this milk through a tube or a bottle until he's strong enough to nurse.

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Remember that nursing shouldn't be painful. When your baby latches on, pay much ssattention to how your breasts feel. Baby’s mouth should cover a big part of the areola below the nipple, and your nipple should be far back in your baby's mouth. If latch-on hurts, break the suction — by inserting your little finger between your baby's gums and your nipple — and try again. Once your baby latches on properly, he'll do the rest.

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